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Lori Peterson isn’t afraid to take on the rich, famous and powerful—and the media recognizes her tenacity. Here are some of her mentions in the press. Find out why her clients love her fearless commitment to justice.

I’ve been fighting harassment as a lawyer since 1990. Over the years, I’ve received more than my share of media attention. Some examples are included below, starting from the early 90s through the present day. I include this to show you I’ve never been afraid to take on the rich and powerful. And I’ll use that same fearlessness to fight for you.


Below is a sample of interviews Lori participated in regarding the Stroh’s Bikini Team ads and the sexual harassment case she brought against them.

Lori has also appeared on Entertainment Tonight, McNeil Lehrer News Hour, Prime Time Live, and Dateline NBC.

sexual harassment in the workplace

Types of Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment in the workplace causes harm to those who are harassed, creates an uncomfortable work environment, and makes it difficult for employees to work