Hiring a Sexual Harassment Lawyer: Is It Worth It?

sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can be devastating because of the emotional, mental and physical toll it can have on an individual. Nobody deserves to be sexually harassed in the workplace (or elsewhere) and should be compensated for resulting damages.

If you’ve ever experienced unwanted sexual advances, unwelcome sexual touching, or any other form of sexual harassment, you may benefit from hiring a sexual harassment lawyer. You deserve a zealous advocate to stand up with you against this misconduct. A lawyer who focuses her practice on fighting sexual harassment will advocate for you and ensure your voice is heard. 

A sexual harassment lawyer can guide you through the steps of getting the compensation you deserve after experiencing sexual harassment.  There are important benefits in hiring a lawyer who is well-versed in sexual harassment law.  You should consider retaining an experienced sexual harassment lawyer to help you build a case.

Benefits of Hiring a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Making Your Voice Heard and Advocating For You

Those who have been harmed by sexual harassment often feel alone and voiceless. This rings especially true when the perpetrator is someone in a position of power. An experienced sexual harassment attorney will advocate for you through every step of your case. 

It may be difficult to speak about your experiences in front of a judge.  It may also be difficult to see your harasser.  Having an attorney by your side to guide you through your harassment case empowers you and ensures you receive the fair treatment you deserve.

Additionally, an experienced sexual harassment lawyer can help protect you from retaliation.  Retaliation is understandably a valid issue of concern that many face when outing their abuser, and is another good reason to hire a sexual harassment lawyer. Guidance from your attorney can help you feel supported and empowered in taking legal action against your harasser.

Professional Expertise

Attorneys who focus on sexual harassment cases know the ins and outs of the law, which is extremely helpful when trying to prove your case and plan your next actions. Additionally, experienced sexual harassment lawyers will know the risks and benefits of different legal strategies that suit your specific situation. 

It can provide peace of mind to have a realistic assessment of your situation from someone who has experience with similar cases. Experienced sexual harassment attorneys also understand the deadlines and requirements for a claim to be considered. They will ensure all paperwork is done correctly in a timely manner without errors that could potentially jeopardize the case.  

Emotional Support

It can be extremely taxing on your mental health when seeking justice in sexual harassment cases. There can be feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, betrayal, and more.

An experienced sexual harassment attorney is familiar with the emotional impacts on individuals who have experienced sexual harassment. They can provide emotional guidance (including referrals for appropriate therapeutic help) in addition to legal support.

Maximize Your Compensation 

Sexual harassment can result in lost wages, diminished future earning capacity, medical bills, therapeutic treatments, and general emotional distress.  An experienced sexual harassment attorney will be able to effectively consider the full range of damages a client has suffered and will fight for the maximum compensation they can receive.

Experienced sexual harassment lawyers can obtaining your best result by not only fighting in court, but also negotiating creative and impactful settlements that account for not only immediate losses but also the long-term impacts.

Keep Others Safe In the Future

There is another benefit to hiring a sexual harassment attorney to take on your harasser:  By holding the person who sexually harassed you accountable, it may prevent harassment of others in the future.  

You can be an agent for change by taking on sexual harassment in the workplace. This not only benefits you but also can create a safer environment for others. Your actions may also help others come forward, collectively building a stronger case against your abuser.  In addition, you can create awareness and prevent future harassment.

Contact Lori Peterson if You’ve Experienced Sexual Harassment

When you hire an experienced sexual harassment attorney, not only can you get your own personal justice, but you can also create a new standard of behavior for your workplace.  By taking a stand against sexual harassment, you can share your story and help others have their voices heard, as well.

With the expertise of an experienced sexual harassment attorney, you have someone in your corner to fight for you.  Navigating the complexities of taking legal action can be challenging, but healing and restitution are worth the task.

Harassment and other forms of discrimination can have a detrimental impact on all areas of your life. Lori Peterson is ready to fight for your rights and get the justice you deserve. With a long track record of successfully representing those harmed by sexual harassment, racism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination, Lori thinks outside of the box to address your situation and find creative strategic solutions for your case.

Nobody should ever be subject to discrimination or harassment, and there are legal options to help you get the justice you deserve. Contact us today to take your power back, make your voice heard, and create positive change.