Empowering underdogs.

Punishing bad guys.

Zealously advocating for those impacted by sexual harassment.

No one should have to navigate sexual harassment and discrimination in their daily lives. With the help of a passionate attorney, you can get justice. 

Lori Peterson fights sexual harassment, rape, racism, homophobia and other societal wrongs by empowering the underdog and holding the powerful accountable for their actions.


Lori Peterson aggressively advocates for her clients, whether you’ve been subjected to sexual harassment, racism or other forms of discrimination. She combines her legal expertise with passionate advocacy. Rest assured she’ll fight to get the justice you deserve.

Lori’s not afraid to go to bat for you. Find out how her ardent, outside-the-box litigation practices can help you get the justice you deserve.

Let Lori Peterson Fight for You.

Lori Peterson takes on bad guys in these types of cases:

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I’ve been fighting sexual harassment, discrimination and other injustices ever since I was a kid. My passion for justice fuels my law practice, as well as my daily life.

I spent my childhood in the midwest, raised in a town of 1200. By the age of 12, I was working on Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign—from knocking on doors to dropping literature. By age 17, I was the co-chair of our county DFL party and served on the DFL State Central Committee. From there, I worked on statewide political races, founded an animal rights organization, and started an animal rescue and adoption nonprofit that still saves hundreds of orphaned animals every year. I was awarded the Harry S. Truman Scholarship for the state of Minnesota and used this national scholarship to attend law school (University of Minnesota, Class of 1990).

I continue with activism and presentations nationwide against sexism, animal abuse, violence against women and more. In addition to my law practice, I run a small animal sanctuary and work to educate the public about veganism and how they can stop animal abuse. My passion for justice stems in large part from my long-term friendship with President Jimmy Carter, who has shaped and influenced my commitment to equality, justice and philanthropy.

When you need someone who isn’t afraid to take on the big guys, I’m standing by to help. Whether you’re litigating against bankers, lawyers, professional athletes or CEOs, I’m not intimidated by status, financial resources or fame. The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

When you need aggressive, passionate advocacy, I am ready to stand up and fight for you.