Lori in the Media



Below is a cross section of the numerous articles featuring the work of Lori Peterson and our firm.


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Best Friends Animal Society:  "Unusual Donation To Educate and Inspire"

ABA Journal:  "Stroh's Ads Targeted"

City Pages:  "Something Fierce"

Corporate Report:  "Lori Peterson: Bashing the Bikini Team"

Law & Politics:  "How to Handle the Press-sure"

Minnesota Monthly:  "Always Ready For Battle"

Saint Paul Pioneer Press:  "Stroh's settles 'Bikini Team' suit"

Red Book:  "Winning on Appeal, The Hot New Female Lawyers"

Star Tribune:  "Relentless"

Star Tribune:  "Stroh's and its ads square off against an angry young lawyer"



Below is a sample of interviews Lori participated in regarding the Stroh's Bikini Team ads and the sexual harassment case she brought against them.


Lori has also appeared on Entertainment Tonight, McNeil Lehrer News Hour, Prime Time Live, and Dateline NBC.