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What Others are Saying About Lori

"She is an extra special person. She is enthusiastic and vivacious and determined and idealistic…very forceful and eloquent. She's been just as enthusiastic on environmental issues or mistreatment of animals…I think this protection of women's rights is a continuation of her interest in things that are innovative and idealistic."
President Jimmy Carter

"If there were more Lori Petersons, there would be less sexism."
Gloria Steinem, feminist icon

"Lori is awesome. She walks on water with one foot."
Ed Schultz, nationally-syndicated progressive radio and tv host on MSNBC

"My kind of person, yet far more stylish."
Ingrid Newkirk, founder, PETA

"Lori Peterson is the unsung heroine of Minnesota's 2008 Senate election, who worked behind the scenes to expose the hypocrisy of Norm Coleman and his conflicting standards of private behavior for public officials—one for him and quite another for everyone else."
Dan Moldea, author

"Ms. Peterson's conduct is improper and unethical..."
Denny Hecker, former auto mogul

"Lori Peterson is one of my personal feminist role models. I call her Erin Brockovich. While she is not always right, (and who is?), she stands up for what she believes in - you have to love that!"
Lisa Goodman, Minneapolis City Council Member

"Lori sees the bigger picture and is tireless in following through on her beliefs."
Faith Maloney, co-founder of Best Friends

"Lori is fearless, and never gives up."
—Rick Kahn

"Few advocates are as tenacious and committed as Lori. She's a great friend, and greater adversary."
Keith Ellison, Member of Congress

"Lori, thanks for being my friend, in spite of myself…Wait a minute, did that come out right?"
Ron Shipp, famous ex-cop

"Lori is the kind of attorney who matches the passion of her clients. You can rest assured, she will not give up."
Glenn Ford, entrepreneur and urban grocer

"I like carrots."
Rob Allen (Not said in his former capacity as Deputy Chief of the Minneapolis Police Department nor his current position of Inspector with the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office.)

"Lori Peterson will crush you. And then she'll move on to your loved ones. Just give her what she wants—it's easier on everyone."
J. Ashwin Madia, former Republican, former marine, former congressional candidate, current civil rights and consumer fraud lawyer

"If laughter wasn't priceless, Lori Peterson would be the richest woman in the world."
Timothy J. Dolan, Chief, Minneapolis Police 2006-2012